Backstreets Back… Alright!

I’m Baaaaaack!

I dug out from under the pails of boxes and packing material to bring you my life lessons learned from packing over the years. 

I’ve done it myself, I’ve paid for others, and I’ve recruited family with copious amounts of pizza and beer. I’ve immediately unboxed, waited to unbox, and stored my life in boxes for years. 

Basically if you’re thinking of doing it I’ve probably done it. So here’s my tips…

  • Moving companies. 

Chain companies: great for long distance moves from state to state. Go ahead and fork over for their packing and boxes as well. That way everything is guaranteed. And if they break it- they pay for it. 

Local small business movers: great for in town or city to city. They will hustle hard for their money. They will also be a little nicer to your pocketbook. Most companies include their truck, moving dollies, and padding for the day of the move. 

Truck rentals: SHOP AROUND. Prices are always changing. Specials are running. And supply and demand in this industry can inflate prices faster than Tom Brady can deflate them. 

Storage pods: look for local companies that have taken parts of the big “pod” companies. The local friends are always more wallet friendly. These are perfect for the movers that want to move out, wait a few days/weeks/months and then move in at a later date. 

  • Packing strategy

Box sources: amazon prime members, Craigslist free, new neighbors. I’ve never paid for a box in my life.  And I’ve moved my family four times and myself at least ten. And I’ve never really been stuck begging at the liquor store either. Ask around! People will have boxes. Neighbors on the Nextdoor app will have boxes. Your crazy hoarding mother will have boxes. Just ask. 

Padding sources: newspapers, Walmart sacks, tee shirts, dish towels, actual towels… wrap it. Stuff it. Tape it. But just don’t buy the cheap tape. 

Taping strategy: I’m a top and bottom taper, but never an inside taper. Use that tape to keep that box structure strong and firm. Seriously. No tape=squishy boxes. I like Club size packs of tape cause you’ll use a lot of it and it’s cheaper. The more fragile the item- the more tape you want on the box. Clear tape can do if you’re in a pinch, but the brown packing tape is way stickier on corrugated cardboard. 

  • Odds-n-ends

Saran Wrap. Not kidding. Wrap your drawers on your nightstands shut. Wrap your spice rack together.  You get the picture…

Mattress bags. Yes. Worth it. Moving is dirty. Even if you’re not storing. Get them on amazon. When they ship to you you’ll get a free box. 😜

Tie-downs. Your man in your life will feel manly. And when you’re the one who uses them more for your antique finds you’ll be doubly happy. The wracheting is easy as pie to tighten things down with wether you’re doing things yourself in a trailer or if you have pros to do the tightening for you. 

Mighty mover furniture moving pads. There are some that exist for carpet and wood floor. Once you get your furniture placed and realize it needs to scoot over half a foot you’ll be glad you paid the $$ for these lil suckers. And yes. I’ll totally screenshot you a photo…

No matter how you decide to move yourself it’s an exhausting day. Get as much done ahead of time as possible. Then the day of you’re not stuck packing and loading. Just loading. Or even better- just pointing where you want things to go. 

Cause hey… that’s #reallife. 


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