Where to Buy that Farmhouse Chic

Everybody take a moment of silence to thank HGTV for bringing Joanna Gaines to the masses. 

Moment over. 

Every house I’ve moved into has been some kind of decorated within 3 days. I’m OCD.  Blank walls and boxes don’t get along with me, and lord help you if you try to organize my pantry. I don’t sleep well and I eat standing until I get it all put away. I just have and always will. Which is probably why I’m so antsy to move into the real life ranchhouse. I’ve already decorated it all in my head.  But mainly it comes easy because i have a massive stash of goodies and I get to have that stash because I find it for less. 

Now that the vintage farmhouse vibe is all over America it’s substantially easier for design enthusiasts like myself to not spend hours in a fields of junk or random barns. Ladies and gents I bring you my list of haunts. Even if it’s a standard big box store or via the internet- the deals are out there. Not so much the traditional “picking” that I love so much, but still picking in the sense of deciding which items to purchase for display and which items to hide from your spouse in the closet. 

I love email lists. Daily deals to my inbox. Yes please. 

  1. Bits of vintage
  2. Decor steals
  3. Antique Farmhouse

Are my favorite email-it-to me sites. I like to get small furniture and other small deco items from these guys. Decor steals is awesome cause it’s flat rate shipping per item, but if you don’t buy it ASAP it can sell out. 

When it comes to self searching I like to browse the beauties listed here…

  1. Save on Crafts
  2. Piper classics
  3. Marmalade mercantile
  4. Farmhouse wares
  5. Zulily
  6. HauteLook 
  7. Jane
  8. Painted fox

Save on crafts and Jane are great for smaller items and storage sources. When I order from save on crafts I always add in some new faux greenery to help myself justify the shipping. Jane is mainly clothing, but hey- it doesn’t hurt to browse! Piper, marmalade, and painted fox can be pricier so wait for a sale or search for a coupon code. Zulily can fall in the same category as Jane- mostly clothing- but the decor deals are to be had people!! Keep looking- they’re worth it. 

And last- my local brick and mortar places. I love to support my small businesses. Can’t always stay away from some big box places. I follow the deals people. Everybody loves their target clearance. When it comes to walmart I stick to the kitchen aisles and the items the ladies at “woah, wait, walmart” tell me to buy. 

And don’t even mess with the clothes at tjmaxx/marshalls. Just go straight for the home stuffs. We’re on a mission here people! These “markdown clearance” stores are a whatever goes basis. But be aware… Even if the store clerk tells you no other store has more chairs you’ll need to go check yourself. (Learned that the hard way) 

  1. Hobby lobby
  2. Target
  3. Marshalls
  4. Tjmaxx
  5. Home goods
  6. Walmart
  7. Urban farmhouse
  8. Rust and rot
  9. Feathered nest
  10. Quail springs marketplace
  11. The rink
  12. The mill 
  13. Reclaimed lumber co

#7-11 are all local to OKC- so if you’re not a local okie they’re worth the trip! Yes you’ll be driving all around the greater metro but I swear. The deals you will find are well worth it. Not to mention drop dead gorgeous furniture and store displays!!

No matter where you end up on a site or in a store you’re bound to find something to suit your farmhouse fancy in these stores.  Happy hunting folks!

 #reallife -Marti


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